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Skin Care advice for autumn and winter…

Skin care tips for Autumn and Winter time … Below are some of our tips on how to easily upgrade your beauty wardrobe. When autumn and winter are here then come wind and cold. Itchy skin and dry spots are common ailments that afflict us. If there is ever a time to treat yourself to some good skin care products, it is during autumn and winter.

The first tip – is to check if you have any old products that need to be cleaned out.

Tip number two – then take the opportunity to clean brushes and the like so as not to risk bacteria being transmitted to your skin.

The third tip is: The importance of having vitamin C in your skin care routine. – If antioxidant vitamin C is not already part of your skin care routine, it may be time to add it now. It works by increasing the amount of collagen, giving the skin extra moisture and protecting against environmental pollution. The result that you will notice after using vitamin C in your skin care routine, is a skin with lots of radiance and elasticity. Who does not want a complexion with glow in the autumn darkness?

For best results, we at Beauty & More recommend this morning routine and evening routine. Keep in mind that the products from Berrichi are very expensive so you do not need to use that much. For information: It takes about 1-2 weeks for the skin to adapt to new products.

Morning routine:

Start by washing the face clean with the Birch & Sea Salt soap or the Rose & Sea Salt soap, the next step is the Berrichi Eye cream (the eye cream you put under the eyes and the eyelid) after the eye cream is in place then it is time for Berrichi Day or Berrichi Light cream (ask us about the day or light cream that suits you best).. Wait 10 minutes then apply makeup.

Evening routine:

Start by washing your face clean with the Birch & Sea Salt soap or the Rose & Sea Salt soap, then you put the Berrichi Eye cream under the eyes and eyelid, the next and last step is the Berrichi Night cream.

Face Mask:

A face mask gives your skin that extra glow. Calendula face mask and Birch face mask allow you to treat impurities, work preventively, boost moisture or tighten the skin before a party. Many people usually wear their face masks on Sundays, which is a nice way to round off the week. Perfect for you with dry & sensitive (Calendula mask) and combination skin & oily skin (Birch mask)!

Have a nice day!

PS! The company has extensive knowledge in the industry and specifically the products we sell. Therefore, we can offer you advice on our products, in case you should feel that there is a need for it. It should not be difficult to choose the right skin care products!


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