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Skin care routine for Men…

Berrichi Men and Berrichi Eye Invest in cream that are adapted to men’s specific skin. Give the skin moisture and new energy morning and evening. All men need Berrichi Men cream and Berrichi Eye cream.

The face is exposed to external stresses daily, so it is important to take care of the skin. Here you will find energizing and moisturizing Berrichi Men cream that your skin will love! For those of you who want to counteract signs of aging, we have a cream with anti-aging effect, specially developed for men.

Get firmer skin with power from the plant kingdom. Charge the skin with moisture, counteract signs of fatigue and smooth the skin.

You can apply your cream every morning and evening all over your face. Use Berrichi Men cream and Berrichi Eye regularly for best results.

A face mask gives your skin that extra glow. Calendula face mask and Björk face mask allow you to treat impurities, work preventively, boost moisture or tighten the skin before a party. Many people usually wear their face masks on Sundays, which is a nice way to round off the week. Perfect for you with dry & sensitive (Calendula mask) and combination skin & oily skin (Birch mask)!

PS! The company has extensive knowledge in the industry and specifically the products we sell. Therefore, we can offer you advice on our products, in case you should feel that there is a need for it. It should not be difficult to choose the right skin care products!

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