Calendula Shampoo

kr135.00 kr79.00 inc. Vat

Particularly suitable for blonde hair. Calendula soothes and softens the scalp and treats infections. It has a healing effect on the skin´s surface tissue. Shampoo bar is an ecological way to treat hair, it has a biodegradable composition. It does not contain synthetic tensides which may dry the scalp and cause skin irritation. Unscented. The empty packaging can be placed in cardboard recycling.

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Dampen hair and shampoo, rub a piece of shampoo directly into your hair until foaming, rinse with warm water and foam again if necessary.
After the first wash, the hair may feel a little leathery and sticky, but the reaction disappears as you continue to apply the product. This step can take up to a few weeks. To reduce possible smudging, you can rinse with apple wine-vinegar-water or lemon-water mixture to close the scalp. The more processed the hair, the longer it can take to get used to the new shampoo. Store soap on a tray with holes in the bottom.


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