Natural Creme Lipstick Lolita

kr199.00 inc. Vat

LOLITA A shade inspired by the natural hue of our lips A pale corai lipstick that heightens the natural color of the lips Moisturizing, organic ingredients like Shea butter and jojoba oil are activated with the warmth of your lips, keeping them moisturized throughout the wear Our SARYA lipstick combines a mix of natural and vegetarian ingredients enriched with castor oil that will naturally sooth and soften the lips. Easy andliding application, leaving a perceptible moisturization of the lips throughout the wear. Made in Italy 100% Vegetarian NO artificial ingredients such as petroleum, parabens, artificial coloring and fragrance, petrochemical NOT tested on animals Shelf Life: 18 months after being opened Weight 4.0 g.

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How To Apply

The SCM lipstick can be applied directly from the tube as it merges by the warmth of your lips. It’s formula leaves the lips smooth and moisturized providing a light skin feel on the lips for the entire day.


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